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BAM 223 BAM223 Exam 4 with Answers (CCU)


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When the price level in the United States falls relative to the price level of other countries, ________ will fall, ________ will rise, and ________ will rise.

One difference between stocks and bonds is that ________.

An increase in the price level results in a(n) ________ in the quantity of real GDP demanded because ________.

As the economy nears the end of a recession, which of the following do we typically see?

Proponents of the ________ argue that the short-run supply curve is vertical.

Which of the following statements is TRUE about the U.S. economy?

If you invest $10,000 in a bond that earns 8% interest per year, how many years will it take to double your money?

Suppose that homemakers are included as employed in the labor force statistics, rather than being counted as out of the labor force. This would ________.

The "interest rate effect" can be described as an increase in the price level that raises the interest rate and chokes off

Suppose the government launches a successful advertising campaign that convinces workers with high school degrees to quit their jobs and become full time college students. This would cause ________.

The unemployment rate equals the number of unemployed divided by the ________, all times 100.

Frictional unemployment is the result of ________.

Which of the following BEST describes the "wealth effect"?

The stated interest rate on a loan is the ________.

The deflation of the 1930s impacted the U.S. economy because it led some consumers to ________ and because it

If real GDP in a small country in 2017 is $8 billion and real GDP in the same country in 2018 is $8.3 billion, the growth rate of real GDP between 2017 and 2018 ________.

The "new product bias" in the consumer price index refers to the idea that ________.

If the growth rate of real GDP rises from 3% to 4% per year, then the number of years required to double real GDP will decrease from ________.

Since 1948, the labor force participation rate for adult men has ________ and for adult women has ________.

The international trade effect states that ________.

An increase in the demand for loanable funds will occur if there is ________.

What is human capital?

Using a broader measure of the unemployment rate where discouraged workers and part-time workers who wished to work full time were counted as unemployed, the BLS estimates the unemployment rate in April 2017 would have ________ compared to the measured unemployment rate.

The real interest rate equals the nominal interest rate ________ the inflation rate.

If real GDP per capita doubles between 2005 and 2020, what is the average annual growth rate of real GDP per capita?

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