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BUS 215 Week 1 Quiz


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BUS 215 Week 1 Quiz

  1. A person has $1,250 in liabilities, monthly savings of $200, and monthly gross income of $2,500. What is the person's savings ratio?
  2. Compared to a job, a career:
  3. An exclusion affects a person's taxes by:
  4. When preparing her monthly budget, Marge Kent has a total spending allowance of $4,600. Each month she pays $1,200 in rent, $60 for cable television and Internet service, and $240 for her auto loan. What percentage of her budget goes for these fixed expenses?
  5. Creative resumes or those with a gimmick are most appropriate for careers in:
  6. A $2,000 deposit to a tax-deferred retirement account for a person in a 25 percent tax bracket would result in a reduced tax bill of:
  7. Changes in the cost of living are:
  8. Increased consumer spending will usually cause:
  9. The main goal of personal financial planning is:
  10. Higher prices are likely to result from:
  11. Some savings and investment choices have the potential for higher earnings. However, these may also be difficult to convert to cash when you need the funds. This problem refers to:
  12. The stages that an individual goes through based on age, financial needs, and family situation is called the:
  13. Bill Evans is concerned about the effect of current economic conditions on various career fields. Which one of the following would be most useful to Bill as he addresses his concerns?
  14. When a taxpayer's income increases $1,000 and the taxes owed increases from $7,867 to $8,177, the marginal tax rate is ______ percent.
  15. Most income tax documents should be kept for _____ year(s).
  16. The risk premium you receive as a saver is based in part on:
  17. A taxpayer whose spouse recently died is most likely
    to use the ____________ filing status.
  18. Allen Arnold has determined that the amount of money he spends on his mortgage payment, car insurance payment, and cable bill totals $1,200 each month. What type of expenses has Allen determined with this calculation?
  19. Drew Davis earns $4,500 per month from his job at Cisco Systems; $900 is withheld from this amount each month for taxes. What type of tax is this most likely to be?
  20. The Fed refers to:

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