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ECO 300 Quiz 2 (UNCG)


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ECO 300 Quiz 2 (The Univeristy of North Carolina at Greensboro)


  1. An additional reason for the implementation of the Marshall Plan in 1948 by the U.S. other than the inadequacy of the IBRD was
  2. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development was originally founded with the purpose of

  3. The defining characteristic of international currency exchange markets prior to World War I was that they were

  4. An exchange rate crisis occurs when a country is unable to

  5. A banking crisis occurs when the bank system is unable to perform its primary function of providing

  6. According to the IMF website, all of the following are principal types of work the IMF carries out except

  7. According to the IMF website, membership in the organization has grown from    to   countries between 1945 and 2005.

  8. According to the World Bank website, the focus of the International Development Association is

  9. One of the purposes of the modern IMF is:

  10. The primary purpose of the International Monetary Fund when it was first established was:

  11. The "Lost Decade" refers to which of the following financial crises?

  12. The risk of a financial crisis at the nation-state level would be increased by all of the following except:

  13. Public goods are

  14. Because of _________ private markets tend to underproduce the optimal quantity of public goods.

  15. In GATT/WTO speak, a safeguard is

  16. One of the most significant new members of the WTO is

  17. Since the emergence of the GATT, tariff rates among member nations have

  18. The GATS sub-section of the WTO primarily deals with

  19. The GATT was founded

  20. The GATT was transformed into the WTO during the ___________ round ot trade negotiations.

  21. The WTO currently includes roughly ______ member nations

  22. The most most recent attempted round of trade negotiations is the _________ round.

  23. The overriding theme of the Doha round of trade negotiations is/was

  24. The tariff policies in the 1930's that contributed to the environment that lead to war and prolonged economic downturn are sometimes refered to as

  25. The founding fundamental principles behind the GATT/WTO are

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