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ENG 122 ENG/122 ENG122 Week 3 Quiz


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ENG 122 ENG/122 ENG122 Week 3 Quiz

  1. Which of the following is NOT considered a legitimate type of claim?
  2. A syllogism creates a valid conclusion based upon the factual nature of two or more
  3. Academic citations are important for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT
  4. Flawed logic can destroy a paper’s
  5. The topic sentence should be the first sentence in a paragraph.
  6. Which strategy is LEAST helpful when organizing sequences of ideas in a project?
  7. Each paragraph should support multiple topics.
  8. A comma-splice sentence may be corrected by
  9. Caffeine affects people in different ways. In this sentence, the word affects is used
  10. A sentence fragment is
  11. An interpretive framework for an essay should include all of the following EXCEPT
  12. A topic sentence must support the thesis statement.
  13. Which of the following is a compound sentence?
  14. Which of the following statements is a myth about writing?
  15. Which statement represents the BEST approach to the question of the amount of sources to read before writing?
  16. A writer can demonstrate the connection between evidence and claims by doing WHICH ONE of the following?
  17. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated?
  18. The drafting stage of the writing process contains all of the following strategies, EXCEPT
  19. Politicians are often accused of attacking the person instead of addressing the argument itself. This is an example of
  20. How does a verbal, everyday argument DIFFER from an academic argument?

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