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Ethics and Moral Reasoning PHI 208 Week 2 Quiz Answers (2018)


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  1. What is Tom Regan’s position about the use of animals in research and agriculture?
  2. What is speciesism according to Peter Singer’s account?

  3. How does John Stuart Mill respond to the complaint that utilitarianism is a doctrine worthy of pigs?

  4. What is a key feature of utilitarianism according to the assigned texts?

  5. What is the point of Regan’s discussion about Aunt Bea and utilitarianism’s respect for human life?

  6. Tom Regan’s view of animals is that:

  7. Peter Singer’s “basic principle of equality” applied to animals means:

  8. Which of the following does Tom Regan say about the utilitarian approach to animal ethics?

  9. How do we determine the difference between higher and lower pleasures, according to Mill?

  10. In what way does Peter Singer think that speciesism is similar to racism and sexism?  

  11. What does Tom Regan say is the source of inherent value in an individual, whether human or animal?

  12. The video “Meet Your Meat” can best be described as primarily communicating which message?

  13. What moral theory does Jeremy Bentham (with whom Singer seems to agree) endorse?

  14. Which of the following describes how egg-laying hens are treated in factory farms, according to the video “Meet Your Meat”?

  15. In what way is Peter Singer’s argument in “All Animals are Equal” utilitarian?

  16. Which of the following statements is the strongest evidence that the person saying it is a utilitarian?

  17. According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that:

  18. According to John Stuart Mill, utilitarianism takes into account the happiness of:

  19. According to chapter 2 of Understanding Philosophy, which of the following makes it difficult to calculate the utility of an act, raising a potential problem for utilitarianism?  

  20. According to the video “Meet Your Meat”, which of the following is true of how animals are slaughtered on factory farms

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