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PSY 110 Week 7 Quiz 9


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PSY Week 7 Quiz

  1. A learned disposition to respond to people, objects, or institutions in a positive or negative way defines
  2. People's invisible "spatial envelope" defines their __________, and extends "I" or "me" boundaries past the skin.
  3. According to your text, when in a medium or high-risk situation, humans are more likely to help which of the following persons?
  4. Studies of conformity indicate that people are more apt to be influenced by others if they
  5. The fact that physically attractive people also tend to be rated more highly on traits such as intelligence and honesty is an example of
  6. Which is TRUE regarding choosing a mate?
  7. The person who agrees to a small request initially is more likely later to comply with a larger demand. This describes the
  8. Solomon Asch's classic experiment (in which subjects judged a standard line and comparison lines) was arranged to test the limits of
  9. Which theory holds that a relationship must be profitable to endure?
  10. A sharing of common interests, values, and beliefs that contributes to long-term attraction is called _______.
  11. According to the theory of cognitive dissonance, attitudes are changed because
  12. Shows such as Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street demonstrate TV's ability to
  13. Milgram's shock study showed people to be surprisingly
  14. According to the research done by Karau & Williams (1993), which of the following individuals is least likely to be a social loafer?
  15. The organization of roles, patterns of communication, and power in a group defines the group's
  16. A relationship in which participants expect and desire strict reciprocity in the interactions.
  17. When we perform well, we typically attribute our success to __________.
  18. The degree of attraction among group members relates to the dimension of
  19. You are asked by a close friend to outline a complete text to aid her studying for a final exam. You refuse to help. Later, your friend asks if you would at least outline two chapters. Feeling guilty, you now agree to help. Your behavior is predicted by the
  20. Social position in a group determines one's
  21. In a 2011 Gallup Poll, which occupation was rated the highest in “honesty” on the list below?
  22. Lincoln thought he smelled smoke for a second. He looked at others in the classroom and at the teacher. No one seemed concerned, so Lincoln continued taking his test along with his other classmates. This is most likely an example of _______.
  23. According to the text, which one of these is not a strategy for resisting persuasion?
  24. In a 2011 Gallup Poll, which occupation was rated the lowest in “honesty” on the list below?
  25. During __________, a person who feels anonymous within a group experiences an increase in arousal and a decrease in inhibitions and personal responsibility.
  26. A compulsion by decision makers to maintain each other's approval, even at the cost of critical thinking and good judgment, is called
  27. A reference group is
  28. Which of the following techniques begins with a very large request that is initially rejected, but a more modest request is later accepted?
  29. Those roles which one attains voluntarily are called
  30. Which of the following techniques begins with a somewhat inflated request, then immediately decreases the apparent size of the request by offering a discount or bonus?

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