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SCI 209 Week 1 Individual Assignment NOAA Activity Part One Ocean Exploration

Navigate to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) site at http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/

Select Explore from the menu, then select Ocean Exploration  listed below Oceans. Choose an explorative mission that took place at a marine sanctuary or an ecological preserve. This is the specific web site to use as a launching point for further research. 

Review the chosen exploration and create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation with following items. Online Campus students must submit a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation with presenter notes. Be sure to include the following in your presentation.

List the basic categories of Earth’s chemical composition and physical properties, with an emphasis on how these factors relate to the ocean.

Describe at least one of the early research theories about the origins of life on Earth.

List the modern tools of research used in your chosen ocean exploration.

List the goals and objectives of the mission and how it relates to the National Ocean Service’s overarching mission.

List the areas to be explored by the mission.

What challenges did the team encounter?

Explain how the data was collected and what modern technologies were used.

Explain whether the explorative mission was it successful in its findings.

How can the information gathered from the mission benefit the field of oceanography?


SCI 209 Week 2 Individual Assignment The Creation of the Ocean Floor Paper

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the basic theories associated with the creation of the ocean floor.

Include the following in your paper:

A minimum of two references are required.

Reference two additional outside sources, other than your text, such as credible websites and articles that support your findings.

Identify three different plate boundaries and list the outstanding features of each boundary.

List one natural event that occurs as a direct result of plate boundary interactions.

Compare and contrast ideas behind plate tectonics and the theory of continental drift. Does one idea seem more plausible than the other? If so, why? Base your findings on the natural event you identified earlier in the paper.


SCI 209 Week 3 Individual Assignment Seawater Paper

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the chemical properties of water, specifically seawater.

Research and choose two different methods that are currently being used to convert seawater to drinkable water. Include the following in your paper:

A minimum of one reference is required.

Describe the chemical and physical properties of seawater.

Describe two different methods used to convert seawater into drinkable water.

List a county or region in which this method of conversion is currently in use.
Identify the benefits and potential hazards of converting seawater to drinkable water.


SCI 209 Week 3 Learning  Team Assignment NOAA Activity Part Two Marine Pollution

Collaborate: As a team, review each team member’s Week One NOAA Activity Part One: Ocean Exploration mission and findings.

Select one team member’s mission that specifically relates to issues from marine pollution to use as the foundation for this assignment.

Select an environmental agency that could directly benefit from the research conducted in the mission.

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation that includes the following items. Online Campus students must submit a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation with presenter notes. Be sure to include the following in your presentation.

A brief description of the chosen environmental group and their mission statement

A brief description of the type of marine pollution addressed in the mission

Which region the pollution is prevalent

How the pollution is affecting the surrounding ecosystem

What measures can be taken to avoid this type of pollution in the future

How the findings from the mission can aid the environmental group in reducing reoccurring occurrences of this form of pollution

Include any references as needed


SCI 209 Week 4 Individual Assignment Natural Ocean Disasters Paper

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you explain the relationship between the ocean and the shoreline. Select and describe a naturally occurring ocean disaster that results from the relationship between weather and climate. Include the following in your paper:

A minimum of one reference is required.
What caused the natural event?
Would the effects of this event be any different if it occurred at a high or low tide? If so how?
How does this event change the wave action of the ocean?
Which ocean currents (deep and surface) pass near or through the disaster impact area?
Is the disaster affected by surface or deep ocean currents? If so, how?


SCI 209 Week 4 Learning  Team Assignment Outline

Begin working on the final Week Five assignment, NOAA Activity Final Section: Marine Adaptations.

Create an outline of your presentation topics. This may be completed in Microsoft Word or in the Outline view inside of PowerPoint.


SCI 209 Week 5 Individual Assignment The Flow of Energy

Create a diagram, chart, or illustration in which you depict the flow of energy in marine ecosystems. You may use either a web format in which food chains are included or a biomass pyramid format. The assignment should include the following:

Title Page
Diagram, chart, or illustration of a web format or biomass pyramid
Description of primary productivity
Description of a method used to measure the amount of primary productivity
Description of how primary productivity affects the color of the ocean
List of the factors that cause regional primary productivity to vary among polar, tropical, and temperate oceans

Description of how the selected web or biomass is affected by overfishing

SCI 209 Week 5 Learning  Team Assignment NOAA Activity Final Section Marine Adaptations

Review the Week Three team assignment, NOAA Activity Part Two: Marine Pollution. Please use the same ocean explorative mission you used in the Week Three assignment.

 Prepare 20-25 slides (please add the 10-12 slides from the Week Three assignment to this PowerPoint® presentation to reach the 20-25 slide requirement).

 Include the following information and address the following questions in your final presentation:

·  Include detailed presenter notes.

·  What life exists in your chosen region? List the top 10 prevalent marine organisms from your chosen region.

·  Select a marine organism from the region and discuss its adaptation to the environment due to natural circumstances or pollution.

·  Discuss its relationship to the other organisms that live in the same food chain.

·  Include future adaptations

o  Select the same animal as you did earlier in this assignment or another animal from the same region and hypothesize how it may need to adapt in the future due to natural circumstances or pollution.

·  How do the currents and tides affect your selected animal?

·  What are the geological features of the selected region where your organism dwells?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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