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UMUC BIO 275 Final Exam with Answers -2021


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Antibiotics can lead to septic shock if used to 

Produced only by gram negative bacteria:

Botulism is caused by ingestion of a protein-based exotoxin. Therefore, it can easily be prevented by

The most common portal of entry for pathogenic bacteria and viruses is the

Which of the following enzymes causes lysis of red blood cells?

Usually made of protein:

A nosocomial infection is acquired

Which is produced by S. aureus and forms a fibrin clot around the bacterium?

Which of the following spreads infection by disrupting a component of connective tissue?

Lysogenic conversion refers to

An infection resulting from a liposuction procedure illustrates entry by the

Which of the following would best be considered a contagious disease?

Adhesins such as fimbriae contribute to a microorganism’s pathogenicity by

The M protein is found in Streptococcus pyogenes is

The ID50 is

Bacteria A’s ID50 = 10,000. Bacteria B’s ID50 = 100,000. Which is the most virulent?

Which of the following would be considered a communicable disease?

Early mild symptoms characterize the ____________ period of disease development.

Most pathogens that gain access through the skin

Siderophores are bacterial proteins that compete with the host's

__________ of disease are objective changes that can be observed and measured.

Secreted by a bacterium into the environment:

Symptoms of intense inflammation and shock occur in some gram-positive bacterial infections due to

Made of lipopolysaccharides:

A capsule contributes to a microorganism’s pathogenicity by

Which of the following diseases is the best example of a zoonosis?

The amount of toxin that kills half the test population is the

The most frequently used portal of entry for pathogens is the

Endotoxins are

Polio is transmitted by ingestion of water contaminated with feces containing polio virus. What portal of entry does polio virus use?

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